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E-filing Information

CM/ECF Help Desk (866)  463-4052


Important Notices

  • CM/ECF is compatible with the following browsers: Internet Explorer 11 and Mozilla Firefox. Windows 10 Users: Please review the Windows 10 Default Browser Settings and Windows 10 Adobe Default Settings.

  • The District of Montana now provides Electronic Case Filing (ECF) training through electronic learning modules (ELMs) allowing attorneys to fulfill the training requirements of the District from the convenience of their own computers. If you are already a registered user, viewing the ELMs is not required. However, we encourage e-filing attorneys, as well as support staff, to view the modules in order to remain proficient ECF users. Please see Training & Manuals below for the available ELMs.

  • All attorneys filing in the District of Montana are required to register to use CM/ECF. Use the Motion by Attorney to file Conventionally to show cause why electronic filing is not possible for you.

  • As a result of the CM/ECF upgrade, certain nature of suit codes were eliminated and new nature of suit codes added. Additionally, a new civil cover sheet is required.

Training & Manuals

Requirements for viewing Electronic Learning Modules (ELM's):

Helpful Hints

Register for CM/ECF or PACER



A docketing standard requiring PDF/A formatting will be implemented in the next year for filing PDF case documents with the Federal Courts. Although it is not currently required, it is suggested that all interested parties begin using the PDF/A format when filing documents through CM/ECF.

PDF/A is an Archival file format which preserves the visual appearance of a document over time, independent of the tools and systems used to create or store the file. PDF/A files are self-contained. All of the information (fonts, characters, etc..) required to display a document the same way every time is embedded in the document. This ensures the document can be reproduced far into the future.

PDF/A Compliant Products
Federal Courts Moving to PDF/A
PDF/A Tutorial

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