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Features & Benefits of ECF


Electronic Case Filing (ECF) is the case management used in the Federal Judiciary for all United States District Courts throughout the country. ECF provides a new, easy-to-use, on-line electronic case filing feature, which will allow you to file and view court documents over the Internet. ECF was developed to enhance the accuracy, management and security of records, reduce delays in the flow of information and achieve costs savings for the judiciary, the bar and litigants.


  • 24-hours-a-day / 7 days-a-week access to file documents over the Internet
  • 24-hours-a-day / 7 days-a-week access to view and print documents
  • Automatic email notification of case activity
  • Expanded search and reporting capabilities
  • Savings in time and expenditures for attorneys
  • Multiple parties can access case files simultaneously


  • Replaces the current Case Management System
  • Case documents are maintained in electronic format
  • No waiting in line to file documents
  • No unavailable files at the courthouse
  • Secure and reliable
  • Court dockets are updated immediately
  • Easy to learn, Easy to use
  • Can be used anywhere Internet access is available
  • No additional fees for filing electronically


  • Computer running Windows or Macintosh
  • Adobe Acrobat 5.0 or higher to convert documents
  • PDF compatible word processor like WordPerfect
  • Internet access supporting a transfer rate of 56kb or higher (high speed recommended)
  • ECF works correctly with Netscape, Firefox and Internet Explorer
  • Scanner to image non-computerized documents (200dpi black and white)
  • PACER account


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