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Visitor Information

Welcome to the Federal Court.

The following information will assist you in your visit to our court locations. Thank you for your interest in our Court.


General Information & Building Admittance

There are five (5) courthouse locations in Montana. For directions to the courthouse and parking instructions, please click on the city link below:

When visiting our courthouses or are a witnesses for a proceeding, please have government issued photo identification (e.g., drivers license, military identification, etc.) available to gain admittance into the building. Please do not bring/wear excessive metal objects such as pocket knives, key chains, belts, jewelry, etc., as you will be passing through metal detectors at the security check-in. Although there is no prescribed dress code, visitors/witnesses are asked to dress appropriately.

Electronic devices, including but not limited to: cameras, cellular phones, laptops, iPods, iPads, e-readers, MP3 players, and personal digital assistants (PDAs) are not allowed in any Montana federal courthouse. Please see Local Rules 1.3(d) for more information.

Public Kiosks

Each courthouse location has at least one kiosk available for the public to access electronic case information. Kiosks do not provide for downloading or printing of documents or dockets.

If you need copies of information from a kiosk, please see the Clerk's office for assistance and please see our Fee Schedule.


Witnesses/Visitors for Court Proceedings

If you are visiting the court as a potential witness for a proceeding, please check with the Court Security Officers at the main entrance for directions to the courtrooms within each building.

If you are a visitor wishing to observe a court proceeding, Court Security Officers will direct you the Clerk's Office for assistance.

Please see General Information & Building Admittance for entrance requirements.



There are many learning opportunities for teachers and students at federal courts. Teachers should call the court they want to visit to find out what services are available there to help students learn about the court system.






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