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7/09/2020 - Administrative Order 20-25 In re: Precautionary Measures in Federal Courthouses during the COVID-19 Pandemic

6/29/2020 - Administrative Order 20-23 In re: Renewal of Authorizations and Findings Under the CARES Act

5/14/2020- Administrative Order 20-21 moving all court locations to Phase II

4/10/2020- The Court has entered Administrative Order 20-18 which extends the existing COVID-19 restrictive measures through May 29, 2020.

3/30/2020- Drop Box Filings
In conjuction with General Order 2020-17, the Clerk's Office counters are closed to the public until further notice, to minimize personal interactions. The public may use the drop boxes during business hours. Clerk's Office staff retrieve documents regularly and will process accordingly.
Location/Building Hours
Drop Box Filing Procedures
Drop Box Information Form

3/30/2020- Pro Se Litigant's option to file by email
In order to further reduce person-to-person contact, the Clerk's Office encourages pro se litigants to review Local Rule 83.8 which outlines a pro se litigant's request to file by email. A self-represented litigant and the clerk’s office may agree to allow pro se documents to be filed via email. The agreement must be in writing, signed by the litigant and a deputy clerk, and filed in the record of the case. The clerk may add terms and conditions other than those listed in Rule 83.8 and may revoke the agreement at any time.  Pro se litigants may review and complete the relevant form by visiting: Pro Se Email Form

3/30/2020- General Order 2020-5-BPH In Re: Bankruptcy Court Operations Under Exigent Circumstances Attributable to COVID-19 and Related to Coronavirus.
Emergency Filing Instructions

3/27/2020 -The United States Courts for the District of Montana have implemented the following order which implements further restrictive measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, including closing courthouses to the public: Administrative Order 20-17.

3/24/2020- All payments presented to the court at the intake counter must be in the form of a check, credit card, money order or cashier’s check.

3/23/2020- Notice Regarding Suspension of Cash Payments - Due to the necessity to have limited staff working in our courthouses, the U.S. District Court for the District of Montana will not be accepting cash payments until further notice.

3/16/2020-The Court has entered Administrative Order 20-14 (superseded by Administrative Order-17) and General Order 2020-4, suspending certain Court activities: All courthouses remain open, please see the Court Locations page for each division to find more details on the restrictions that have been imposed on access to federal courthouses and probation offices in an effort to limit the spread of COVID-19 .