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COVID-19 Telephonic Hearing Information

COVID-19 Video Conference Hearing Information


The District of Montana is currently operating in Phase III of the Plan for Phased Resumption of Operations. Hearings are not generally available to the public telephonically.  The public will be permitted to access certain hearings via the Court's teleconference bridge (see list of hearings to the right).  Members of the public and media are strictly prohibited from recording or broadcasting any hearing, in whole or on part, in any fashion.

IMPORTANT - Due to the high demand of conference lines during COVID-19 participants are advised to connect to the conference line 5-10 minutes prior to the scheduled hearing time as it might take several attempts to get into the conference line. 
Please review all instructions below.

Directions to connect to all hearings

  1. Dial the appropriate conference bridge number (see list of numbers to the left).

  2. Enter the appropriate Access Code followed by the #.

  3. No security code will be required.


  5. Do not put your phone on hold if it will result in music or other noise.

  6. If available set your phone to “DO NOT DISTURB” so it will not ring during the hearing.

  7. Do not use a Speakerphone.

Telephone Hearing Requirements

  • Be on time for the designated hearing time.

  • Each participant must call into the conference line as the court will not call you.

  • If you have problems getting into the call keep trying as the lines might be busy.

  • Make sure you have a good connection and are away from any background noise.

  • Whenever speaking, first identify yourself.

  • Speak clearly, into a microphone one at a time.

  • Slow down and make sure the other speaker has finished before you start.