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Incarcerated People: Resources & Information

This page is for people who are incarcerated and who are filing a civil case in the District of Montana without an attorney. This section applies to you if you are currently in a state prison, county jail, or tribal jail.

If you are not incarcerated, see the section on non-incarcerated-specific resources and information

This page has three sections.  Click the links below or use the sidebar on the left to access each section:

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).  Answers to common questions from incarcerated people who file civil cases without a lawyer. This section is organized by question type. It is strongly recommended that you read the FAQ before you begin reviewing and filling out the forms below. 
  • Court Filings Blank Forms and Samples.  Downloadable PDF versions of court filing documents. Using court-provided forms is recommended.  However, you do not have to use forms provided by the Court. Keep in mind that all legal documents that you file with the Court must be legibly written or typewritten.    
  • Resources for Incarcerated People Without An Attorney.  Resources and guides prepared by other federal district courts and vetted third parties with detailed information for incarcerated pro se litigants.  The District of Montana does not maintain or endorse these resources.

You can also find information that applies to all litigants (incarcerated and non-incarcerated) who are filing a civil case in the District of Montana without a lawyer linked below. This information is also available from the left-hand sidebar and on the Representing Yourself (Pro Se) home page.

  • What the Clerk’s Office Can & Cannot Do.  This section explains what the Clerk’s Office can and cannot help you with.  The Clerk's Office can provide you with procedural assistance but is legally prohibited from providing legal advice. 
  • Requesting a Lawyer.  This section provides information about how to request a lawyer to help you with your civil case.  
  • Court Rules & Procedures.  This section links to important rules and procedures that govern civil cases filed in the District of Montana. 

You should not expect these resources to answer all your questions. You should consider them as a starting point only. These resources are not legal advice and should not be cited as legal authority.