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Guide for Filing in the District of Montana (f/k/a Administrative Procedures Manual)



The following electronic learning modules make reference to a PDF file size limit of 15 megabytes.  On November 11, 2017 the District of Montana increased the PDF size limit to 100MB per document.

  1. Introduction (PDF)

  2. Filing in a Shell Case

  3. Answer to Complaint

  4. Motion to Appear Pro Hac Vice

  5. Motion to Compel

  6. Brief in Support of Motion to Compel

  7. Response to Motion

  8. Motion for Extension of Time

  9. Maintain Your Account

  10. Quiz* (Please use Internet Explorer when taking the Quiz. Other browsers are not allowing the results to be printed.)

For help with any of the modules, please contact the Help Desk at (866) 463-4052.