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Clerk of Court

The clerk of court is an officer of the federal district court appointed by the court's Judges and serves as the chief executive officer.  The clerk oversees the court's administration, especially managing the flow of cases through the court and all of its non-judicial functions.

Court staff CAN answer general questions and give general information about how the court works. They can also provide you with the required forms to open a new case.

Court staff CANNOT:

  • Give legal advice. This policy applies to all parties, including attorneys.

  • Tell you whether or not you should file a new case or what words you should use in your court pleadings.

  • Talk to the judge for you or let you talk to the judge outside of court.

  • Compute deadlines in your case or explain orders entered by the court.

  • Interpret rules, statutes or other law, or interpret any substantive matters contained in this handbook.

  • Tell you what documents you should file.

  • Predict how or when the judge might rule on your case.

  • Recommend a course of action.

  • Interpret the meaning or effect of any court order or judgment.

  • Assist or do legal research for you.