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If you have received an eJuror Qualification Questionnaire or a Summons for Jury Service, please log into the eJuror system to complete the necessary forms. Click the following link: eJuror

The court's jury process has two phases. The first phase involves completing an eJuror Qualification Questionnaire to aid the court in identifying qualified jurors who may be summoned to court for jury service during the subsequent two year period. If you received only the eJuror Qualification Questionnaire, you do not have to report to court for jury service unless and until you receive a summons to do so.

The second phase involves summoning qualified jurors to court for jury service. If you were identified as qualified for jury service and you are selected to report for jury service, you will receive a Summons for Jury Service Notice requiring you to answer additional questions, which will assist litigants and the court in determining whether you should be selected to serve on a jury when you report for service.