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Standing Orders

Pursuant to Administrative Order dated 1/18/2012, the following is a complete and updated list of all currently effective standing and general orders in the United States District Court for the District of Montana. Any order not specifically listed has been vacated and is of no further force and effect. This list is reviewed and updated periodically. Please contact the clerk of court for further information about past or present standing or general orders.


Order No.
6/21/22 BMM-19 In Re: Referral of Grand Jury Proceedings to U.S. Magistrate Judges
2/28/22 BMM-18 In Re: Amendments to Local Rules of Procedure
1/18/22 BMM-17 In Re: Unsealing of Court Records
10/1/21 BMM-16 In Re: Organization of the Court Units of the District of Montana
8/20/21 BMM-14 In Re: Assignment of Cases
6/17/21 BMM-13 In Re: Appointment of Counsel and Access to Confidential Documents in Criminal Cases Potentially Affected by the First Step Act of 2018
5/27/21 BMM-12 In Re: Retention and Disposition of Temporary Records
12/1/20 BMM-08 In Re: Admission Fees for United States Courts for the District of Montana
10/15/20 BMM-06 In Re: Prison Electronic Filing Project
10/8/20 BMM-05 In Re: Appointment of Clerk of Court as Agent for Acceptance of Service for District of Montana Judges and Employees
5/6/20 BMM-03 In Re: The Matter of Summoning Trial Jurors in the District of Montana
4/22/20 BMM-02 In Re: Administration of the Court's Non-Appropriated Fund
3/20/20 BMM-01 In Re: The Participation of Judges in District Court Governance
1/23/20 DLC-51 In Re: General Consent to U.S. Magistrate Judge in Social Security Cases
11/22/19 DLC-49 In Re: Amendments to Local Rules of Procedure
10/23/19 DLC-48 In Re: Filing of Transcripts of Court Proceedings
7/22/19 DLC-44 In Re: Appointment of Kathleen L. DeSoto as United States Magistrate Judge for the District of Montana
1/16/19 DLC-43 In Re: Referral of Bankruptcy Cases and Authorization of Bankruptcy Appellate Panel Service
1/31/18 DLC-39 In Re: Closure of the public clerk counter in the Helena Division of the District of Montana.
5/24/17 DLC-35 In Re: The Selection of and Duties of Lawyer Representatives to the Judicial Conference of the Ninth Circuit
5/9/2018 DLC-33A In Re: Disclosure of Presentence Investigation Information
12/1/16 DLC-29 In Re: Appointment of Timothy J. Cavan as United States Magistrate Judge for the District of Montana
11/23/16 DLC-28 In Re: Deposit and Investment of Registry Funds
DLC-26 In Re: Naming of the Third Floor Courtroom in the Russell Smith Courthouse
In Re: Appointment of John T. Johnston
In Re: Appointment of Counsel to Defendants Seeking Sentence Reduction Under Amendment 782
In Re: Motions for Sentence Reduction Under Amendment 782
In Re: Firearms Policy in the Courthouses of the District of Montana
In Re: Format of Orders, Opinions and Memoranda Issued by the Court
In Re: Reporting Requirements Under the Protect Act of 2003
Order Clarifying the Status of Standing and General Orders
In Re: Designation of Speedy Trial Act Status
In Re: Security Alert Procedures
In the Matter of the Designation of Official Duty Station of Judge Donald W. Molloy
Notification of Judges Named in Lawsuit