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Reporting Instructions & Overnight Stays

Reporting Instructions:

When reporting, please have government issued photo identification (e.g., drivers license, military identification, etc.) available to gain admittance into the building. Cameras, cellular phones, e-readers, smart watches, other cellular/wireless devices and laptops are not allowed in any of the Montana federal courthouses. Mace and pepper spray are not allowed in Federal Courthouses. Please leave these items in your vehicle or at home. Please do not bring or wear excessive metal objects such as pocket knives, key chains, belts, jewelry, newspapers etc., as you will be passing through metal detectors at the security check-in. Although there is no prescribed dress code, jurors are asked to dress appropriately for their appearance in court.

Overnight Stays:

Jury selection will take place the day you are asked to report. You are advised that jury service often results in an overnight stay for those jurors who travel. If you are selected to serve as a juror and live more than 50 miles one way from the courthouse, you may choose to stay overnight at the government's expense until your jury service is complete (this includes your night before your date to report). If you live within 50 miles of the courthouse, but due to weather conditions or other circumstances wish to remain overnight, the Clerk may grant that request. If there is a possibility that you will choose to stay overnight during your service, you should come prepared with the essentials (clothing, medications, toiletries, etc.) On average, trials last between two and five days.