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Information for Visitors and Witnesses

The federal court is a public forum, and members of the public are welcome to visit any federal courthouse during business hours. Except for sealed proceedings or unless otherwise ordered by the presiding judge, all courtroom proceedings are open to the public.

If you plan to visit a federal courthouse, please note the following:

  • You must present government-issued photo identification and pass through security screening upon arrival at the courthouse.

  • Photography, videorecording, audio recording, broadcasting, and transmission of court proceedings and courthouse spaces is strictly prohibited unless specifically allowed by written order or permission of the District Executive/Clerk of Court.  Cameras, such as on mobile devices, may be brought into the courthouse but may not be used to take photographs or any recordings in the courtrooms or other public spaces of the building.

  • No weapons of any type, drugs, or other illegal items are allowed.  Mace and pepper spray are not allowed in federal courthouses.

  • Although there is no prescribed dress code, visitors and witnesses are expected to dress appropriately.

  • Masks may be required for hearings before certain judges.

  • Food and drink are prohibited in courtrooms.

  • No tobacco products, including lighters

  • E-cigarettes aren't allowed

Click HERE for information on visiting a courthouse to access case information.

Click HERE to request an accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).