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Fee Schedule

Effective December 1, 2023
Civil Filing Fee (Complaint and Notice of Removal)
Civil Filing Fee (Complaints filed by prisoners granted leave to proceed in forma pauperis)
Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus
Motion to Reduce/Vacate Sentence under 28 U.S.C. 2255
No Charge
Notice of Appeal
Appeal - Misdemeanor
Attorney Admission
PHV Fees
Certificate of Admission (duplicate)
Certificate of Good Standing
Filing or indexing any paper not in a case or proceeding for which a filing fee has been paid
Registering judgment from another district
Registration or revocation of power of attorney (sureties)
Motion to Quash, for Protective Order, or to Compel a Rule 45 Subpoena for a case pending in another district
OSHA or other administrative agency inspection or seizure warrant
Receivership Orders (including SBA Orders)
Record search (per name or item)
Certification of Court Document/Transcript of Judgment
Exemplification of Court Document
Issuance of an Apostille
Copy fees (obtained/prepared by a deputy clerk, per page)
Copy fees (electronic copies obtained from the use of the public terminal, per page)
Copy fees (records stored outside of CM/ECF provided in an electronic format)
Returned check fee
Reproduction of Proceeding, Audio Recording
Electronic Retrieval of Archived Records - Flat Fee
     Electronic Retrieval of Archived Records - Per Page Fee
Retrieval of Archived Records - First Box
     Retrieval of Archived Records - Subsequent Boxes
Processing fee for petty offense on a federal violation notice
Registry Funds (non-interpleader cases)
10 basis points
Registry Funds (interpleader cases)
20 basis points
We accept the following methods of payment: cash (exact change), money order, check,
credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express) and debit cards (with a Visa or MasterCard logo).
Make checks & money orders payable to - Clerk, U.S. District Court.
**Cash is not accepted in bankruptcy cases.**