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Montana Judicial Institute

The Montana Judicial Institute was created to heighten public understanding of the judiciary by providing an in-depth education program for high school and middle school teachers from throughout the district. The fundamental premise of the three-day seminar is to expand teacher's knowledge of the judiciary and its role in our system of government and societal organization as a whole.

The Institute's faculty consists of federal and state court judges, professors, the clerk of the U.S. District Court, leading Montana attorneys, and former federal defendants. The curriculum of instruction includes:

  • The Rule of Law

  • Anatomy of a Criminal Case

  • The Jury System

  • Anatomy of a Civil Case

  • The Experience of a Federal Criminal Defendant

  • Tribal Jurisdiction

  • Federal & State Appellate Courts

This continuing education course for high school and middle school educators is open to approximately twenty-five participants whose travel, lodging, and meal expenses are paid for by the court. With a faculty of around twenty, the student-faculty ratio is extremely conducive to a rewarding educational experience. Participants receive licensure renewal units and are eligible for one graduate credit through the University of Montana.

The Institute began in 2008 and is held in Missoula, MT biennially in the fall.

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Montana Judicial Institute