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Requests for Pro Bono Representation

The following matters are some of the cases which have survived the screening process mandated by 28 U.S.C. § 1915 and in which pro se plaintiffs have requested the appointment of counsel.  Although motions for appointment of counsel have been denied without prejudice, the Court will still consider the appointment of counsel if a member of the bar is willing to provide pro bono representation in the case.  You do not need to be on the Court’s Civil Pro Bono Panel to provide representation in any of these cases.

If you are interested in providing pro bono representation in any of these cases please contact the Court’s Pro Bono Coordinator Michelle Badaruddin at or 406-542-7277.

Case Name Case Number Case Status Nature of Claim
Bjork v. Slaughter, et al. 18cv107-H-DLC-JTJ Trial scheduled for 11/8/2021 8th Amendment strip search and 1st Amendment retaliation claims
Bretz v. U.S., et al. 19cv73-BLG-SPW-TJC Terminal F&R issued 6/3/2021 Non-Prisoner medical care/negligence
Ellison v. Yellowstone Cty 18cv56-BLG-BMM-JTJ Stayed until 3/9/22 14th Amendment denial of food and failure to protect
Harrison v Baumann et al. 20-77-GF-BMM Discovery end 9/10/21; Mtns due 10/8/21 Prisoner Excessive Force
Huggler v. State of Montana 19-39-BLG-SPW-TJC Discovery ends 8/20/21; Mtns due 9/20/21 Non-prisoner civil rights
Little Dog v. Cooper et al. 18cv97-M-JTJ Trial scheduled for 1/25/2022 1st Amendment religion claims against Flathead County defendants
Martinez v. Correctional Health Partners 19cv93-BLG-TJC Discovery due 8/27/21; Mtns due 9/27/21 Pretrial detainee 14th Amendment medical care claims at YCDF
Reckley v. Village Health et al. 19cv119-M-DLC-KLD Bench trial 12/6/21 Non-Prisoner ADA/Rehabilitation Act claims
Shreves v. Harris, et al. 18cv97-H-DLC-JTJ MSJ filed 4/20/2021; Mtns hrg 9/27/2021 Prisoner 1st Amendment retaliation claims
Tsosie v. Billings, et al. 19cv64-BLG-BMM-TJC Terminal F&R issued 8/4/2021 Arrestee/pretrial detainee denial of medical care claims
Walker v. Crossroads, et al. 19cv73-GF-BMM-JTJ Discovery ends 4/16/21; Mtns due 5/21/21 Prisoner 8th Amendment medical/restraint claim.
Warner v. Hill, et al. 19cv103-M-DLC-KLD MSJ filed 2/9/2021 Pre-trial detainee conditions claims against Montana State Hospital defendants
Weeks v. Dr. Hurst, et al. 20cv01-H-DLC-JTJ MSJ filed 4/9/21 Prisoner 8th Amendment medical care claim
Tackett v. US DHHS 21cv37-M-BMM Mtns to Dismiss filed 8/10/2021 Health care discrimination/personal injury

This chart is only current as of August 25, 2021.  Please check PACER or contact the Court’s Pro Bono Coordinator Michelle Badaruddin at or 406-542-7277 for the most up to date case status.