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After the Case Has Been Opened

Filing and Accessing Documents in the Case

Once your case has been opened, you will receive a Notice of Case Opening with the case number and the name of the judge assigned to your case. From this point onward, all documents must be submitted in person, through the mail, or via the Court's electronic system. THE COURT DOES NOT ACCEPT FILINGS VIA EMAIL. 

Option 1:  Filing and Receiving all Documents via U.S. Mail
You may continue to submit your documents in person or through the U.S. Mail and receive copies of all documents filed in your case via U.S. Mail.  This is the default option and you don’t have to file anything if you prefer to send and receive your filings through the mail. 

Option 2:  Filing via the Court’s Electronic Filing System (CM/ECF) 
You may register to file your documents electronically in CM/ECF. This will allow you to receive and view via email everything that is filed in your case by you, the judge, or any other parties in your case. By registering for electronic filing, you waive your right to receive service of documents by first class mail. The Clerk of Court reserves the right to revoke or suspend the electronic filing privilege of any electronic filer who fails to comply with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Local Rules, and the Guide to Electronic Filing.  

•    Form to register for e-filing: Pro Se E-Filing Registration Form (PDF).  This form allows you to register to file documents electronically and to receive notice by email of documents that are filed in your case. You must submit this form via email. 
•    Form to cancel your e-filing request: Pro Se Election to Cancel E-Filing and Electronic Service.  This form allows you to cancel your request to file documents electronically and/or to receive email notice of documents filed in your case. You must submit a separate form for each case in which you wish to cancel your request to e-file. You may submit this form via email or mail. 

More information on filing via CM/ECF: 

District of Montana Pro Se Filing Instructions (PDF) - Step-by-step instructions for filing through the Court’s electronic filing system, CM/ECF. 

Pacer User Manual for CM/ECF Courts - This manual provides information about the filing procedure, step-by-step instructions, helpful filing tools, and frequently asked questions. 

Option 3:  Consent to Electronic Service Only 

If you want to file your documents in person or via the mail, you may still consent to receive the documents filed in your case via email. To do so, complete and return the Consent to Electronic Service form to the Clerk of United States District Court, District of Montana. By consenting to electronic service, you waive your right to receive service of documents by first class mail.